Piotr Młodożeniec Posters

piotr mlodozeniec Piotr Młodożeniec * graphic designer, painter, author of animated films, books and press illustration * born in 1956 in Warsaw in artistic family. His father Jan was graphic designer, grandfather Stanislaw - futhuric poet and brother Stanislaw - painter * 1976-1981 studied graphic at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, diploma in poster at Henryk Tomaszewski studio * 1992-2003 makes and runs (together with Marek Sobczyk) design studio - zafryki * Lives and works in Warsaw * Major awards: Grand Prix at the 4th Poster Festival in Chaumont, France (1993), bronze medal at the 4th poster triennale in Toyama, Japan (1994), silver medal at 16th biennale in Warsaw (1998), icogarda Award at 19th Poster Festival in Chaumont, (2008), bronze medal at the 9th poster triennale in Toyama, Japan (2009); Silver Medal at the 23th International Poster Biennale, Warsaw 2012 - fot. D. Zgutka, 2014

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